What is Castlamp?

Castlamp is a web development firm committed to creating open source and free software.

Our software is currently in use by thousands of businesses across the globe, with our reach growing daily. As of March 2016, all products which we previously offered under commercial licenses are now offered as either open source or free-to-use solutions.


The history of Castlamp stretches back to 2002 when founder Jon Belelieu created Ascad Networks. Ascad Networks was a web development firm with a focus on creating membership management software. Out of that tradition came products such as Adpass, Password Protector SD, ppSD2, and Zenbership. As of March 2016, the entire Ascad Networks product catalog has been absorbed and open sourced under the Castlamp umbrella.

Open Source vs Free-to-Use Software

While we strongly support open source and strive to make all of our products open and free, there are a number of reasons why some of our products are not open source, and it generally comes down to an absolute need to maintain code security. For example, in the case of Safebark, the reasons are obvious: an encrypted message isn't safe if hackers know how to decrypt it. So while we would like to open source all of our software, we sometimes have to make compromises. In those cases, we make our software free-to-use.